Tech Specifications


  • Saab Aero 2.0 Litre 16 valve engine
  • Rebuilt Bosch distributor
  • Stock Bosch electronic ignition
  • SPG9 AID (Advance Ignition Diaphragm) with timing at 20BTDC
  • Bougnicord spark plug leads
  • NGK BCP7EV plugs
  • Aquamist 1S water Injection using 0.9mm injector
  • Aquamist DDD (digital dash display) for water injection output
  • Crank case ventilation catch can


  • 2.5 inch from catalytic converter back with hi-flow racing cat
  • 4 inch chrome semi-oval tip
  • Hi-flow dynomax stainless steel muffler and rear resonator
  • 3 inch split down pipe off turbo to cat


  • Mitsubishi TE-05 with 16G compressor wheel with clipped vanes
  • Wastegate running 7psi base boost
  • Stage 2.5 SPG9 APC running to 18psi boost
  • Jak Stoll Performance Talon high-flow side mount intercooler
  • 8 inch Davies Craig thermo pull fan mounted on reverse side of intercooler with manual switch inside cabin
  • Saab C900 1990+ aluminium turbo intercooler ducts
  • Stratmosphere Forge bypass valve
  • K&N filtercharger
  • Plastic intercooler top air dam

Fuel System

  • Bosch 3 BAR fuel pressure regulator
  • Trionic 5 34lb injectors
  • Jak Stoll Performance Stage 2 ECU chip
  • Fuel pressure gauge situated in-line on fuel rail


  • Stock Saab Aero springs and shocks
  • Stock Saab Aero road handling kit including front and rear sway bars
  • Polyair inflatable air bags inside rear springs

Wheels & Tyres

  • 16" x 6.5" Saab Super Aero rims
  • Goodyear Revspec Ducaro 205/50/16 tyres


  • Stock Saab Aero factory whaletail
  • Saab Aero vent covers (colour coded silver to match duco)
  • AutoMeter 30"hg to 30psi boost guage
  • AutoMeter air/fuel ratio guage
  • Saab factory rear decor panel
  • SaabSavior short shifter
  • Saab Momo leather steering wheel
  • 3.5mm blue silicon vacuum hose
  • Saab Aero original Alpine surround sound 5 speaker stereo
  • Aero kit colour coded silver to match duco
  • Original engine at 305,000km


  • 190kW (250hp) at front wheels